Beautiful Bricks v1.07 Released!

Hello lots of tweaks and bug fixes for these new versions, I think i have a macOS build of the game sorted just got to test it out. Linux is proving a little more difficult (it runs but incredibly slow!).

A Steam version is in the works too and should be out in Oct. Anyone that has the game on will get a Steam key too.  

Version 1.07                                    
Added    Achievement display pops on the main menu if a new achievement has been awarded in the previous game   
Added    MacOS version (beta)     

Version 1.06                                    
Bug Fix  Fixed a bug where if a player was writing highscore and another exits to the main menu
Bug Fix  Levels in Sector 3 and Sector 4 tweaked 
Tweak   Fixed typos in the manual           
Tweak  Reworked the achievement display to be clearer

Version 1.05                                    
Bug Fix  Fixed typos in Main Menu            
Bug Fix  Golden Drone death animation is now fixed         
Bug Fix  End game not finishing correctly is now fixed       
Bug Fix  Bubbles now don't spawn in competitive mode   
Bug Fix  Pressing ESC key while in highscores now works  
Added    Add line spacing help for systems which the menu doesn’t look right        
Bug Fix  Fix player choosing mouse controls spawn bug    
Added    Fire Dropper Drone ( drops bombs and fire bricks) Tweak   Fixed some level bugs in Master Levels   


Beautiful Bricks V1.06 Manual.pdf 2 MB
Jul 28, 2019
Beautiful-Bricks 1.07 78 MB
Jul 28, 2019

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