Beautiful Bricks v1.01 Released!

So its finally here, ready to perform for you.  Beautiful Bricks V 1.01 has just been released. Many new changes since the previous version! 

+ Ability to jump! Double tap 'Hard Hit' to perform a jump. Note Jumping must be enabled in the gameplay settings.
+ Gameplay settings new options for tweaking gameplay Such as limiting powerups or having balls collide - look under the options to find. 
+ 3 new guardians to challenge making a total of 15 boss battles in the game.
+ Master Levels which can be unlocked by skillful players.
+ Volleyball mode tweaked - now easier to play.
+ Two new powerups : Nuke and Duplicate.
+ New drone B drone  - more info in the instruction manual. 
* Warp Bat adjusted now warps to nearest ball or collectible .
* Various bug fixes and updates.



Beautiful Bricks - Instruction Manual.pdf 2 MB
Feb 26, 2019
Beautiful Bricks 79 MB
Feb 26, 2019

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