Beautiful Bricks slight update Ver 1.12

Hello Beautiful Bricks fan,

This is a small update. I am working on a much bigger update which will provide some quality of life changes, a few new power ups, more drones and general tweaks but for the mean time i wanted to get the analogue joy pad control fix out into the world.

Please welcome into the world, Beautiful Bricks V 1.12

Version 1.12
AddedNew Power up - Magic warp ball a ball that warps around the play field.
AddedAnalogue movement on stick controllers - much easier movement on modern controllers with analogue stick input.
FixedOperative now moves faster on easy difficulty.
FixedAchievements now displaying correctly at the end of the game.
FixedGrand total text sometimes missing when game has been completed is now fixed.
FixedFixed bug in Sector 3 Level 5 which can occasionally become impossible.
FixedWreck'n Ball making impossible brick formations now fixed bricks are now wiped if they are below the Status Bar (thanks MrJBRPG)


Beautiful Bricks Setup 1.1.2 Win.exe 76 MB
Feb 04, 2020
Beautiful Bricks 1.12 Portable 96 MB
Feb 04, 2020
Beautiful Bricks-1.1.2.dmg 101 MB
Feb 04, 2020

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