Beautiful Bricks Launches with Ver 1.10

Hello World!

Very happy to announce that Beautiful Bricks is now finished, released and ready to be enjoyed by the public. Windows version is out now and MacOS and Linux builds will be out shortly. For MacOS users there a slightly older version (1.07) which can be played. I hope to get onto the latest MacOS version over the weekend just having a strange bug in the build I've got to squish! The Linux build I have should work in theory but I don't have a proper system to check it on... :(

Please tell all your friends about this game and if you don't like it - tell your enemies. 

Thank you and enjoy,
ReadyWolf / Matthew Vecchio


Beautiful Bricks 1.10 Portable 96 MB
Nov 06, 2019
Beautiful Bricks Setup 1.10 Win.exe 76 MB
Nov 06, 2019
Beautiful Bricks V1.10 Manual.pdf 2 MB
Nov 06, 2019
Beautiful Bricks 1.07 85 MB
Jul 28, 2019

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