Beautiful Bricks 1.14 Major Update

Beautiful Bricks 1.14 Update

This massive update adds new features, squishes bugs and adds a quality of life improvements.

I have been looking at how people play Beautiful Bricks and thinking on how I can make the game a better experience. This big update reflects most of what I wanted to do with this game. I don't foresee another big update like this coming for Beautiful Bricks. Though I still wish to create a Linux version and create Steam Achievements.

There is also a possibility of the level editor and another set of 192 levels. I might do this but I am thinking of just starting to develop a new project instead!

Thank you to all the players out there of Beautiful Bricks and I hope you enjoy this massive new update.


  • New power up 'Ghost Pad'. Collecting a white capsule with a transparent 'G' will turn your paddle into a 'Ghost' making your paddle able to pass through bricks and able to fire of a 'scare' which can hit balls and collect valuables.
  • New power up 'Acid Ball'. Collecting a dark green capsule with a light green 'A' will give your paddle an 'Acid Ball' this ball excretes acid on contact which can destroy bricks. The harder the ball hits the farther the acid goes.
  • New power up 'Queue Ball' Collecting a black and white capsule with a blue 'Q' will give your paddle a 'Queue Ball' this reserve ball activates into play when the paddle has lost all its balls.
  • Filters added to the game. Various cool graphical filters. Find this in the Display Settings There is a CRT one but sadly I couldn't get the screen to bulge correctly. (requested by Gendou_kun).
  • New Drone type added to the main game. Drone Miner a drilling machine that can drill up coins or fatal fire.
  • Ultra detail mode which gives the balls a slight trail.
  • New background based on small checked squares.


  • Mouse controls are now more accurate with collision detection.
  • Mouse controls easier to enter high scores.
  • Mouse control UI updated. Now once MOUSE CONTROLS are enabled players simply click on the status bar of the player they want to play with mouse controls.
  • Analog stick movement for paddle is now actually analog.
  • Options menu layout re ordered and much more logical.
  • 'Go Fullscreen' button added to the file menu in Windows.
  • Player's Hiscore names are remembered from previous game
  • Added a Safety Bar to the bottom of the screen when a player is save from missing the ball.
  • Help screen and manual updated to reflect on 1.14 changes.

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Sparkball spark's are now white
  • If a Wreckn Ball collides with smaller balls it will destroy them.
  • Hitting a Coin brick with your paddle from underneath will make the coin fall directly down. Hitting the brick from the sides will make the coin fall towards your paddle.
  • Paddle smashing different brick types can yield bonuses. Paddle smashing a bomb brick will give you a Bomb Ball. Paddle smashing a fire brick will give you a Heat Ball
  • Volleyball weak hit adjusted for better gameplay.
  • Level warps now move slower making them easier to dodge.
  • Warp bricks now warp the ball more accurately.


This field is things which are taken out of the game to improve overall experience.

  • Warp paddle is taken out of the game. It has been replaced with the Ghost paddle. I was always avoiding this power up in my own play throughs as it was more trouble than it worth.
  • Max Fire Power unlockable now is just Max Drones.

Bug Fixes

  • A Boss Battle with the Animator no longer loses the player's balls at the start of the battle.
  • Music playing two songs are once during the Gauntlet mode has been fixed.
  • Fixed masking issue with graphics on the final mothership screen.
  • Volume adjustments for music and sound effects now stop on their max values. (You could cheese it to be 1 higher before).
  • Birds no longer show up when they are disabled in Volleyball mode (thanks Shepples).
  • Operative can now freeze and unfreeze balls if it has the Ice Paddle powerup.
  • Menu now displays blocked out values properly.
  • Red Brick Dropper no longer drops unbreakable bricks (thanks MrJBRPG)
  • Touching a Warp, Teleport or Motor brick no longer instantly kills the player.
  • Some menu pop ups removed as they were annoying.


Beautiful Bricks Setup 1.1.4 Win.exe 78 MB
Jun 27, 2020
Beautiful Bricks 1.14 Portable 97 MB
Jun 27, 2020
Beautiful Bricks-1.1.4.dmg 100 MB
Jun 28, 2020
Beautiful Bricks V1.14 Manual.pdf 2 MB
Jun 28, 2020

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Would be a lil bit of work I imagine but a level editor would be ace.

Yeah i agree these types of games should always have a level editor IMO