Beauitful Bricks 1.03 Released!

Beautiful Bricks V 1.03 

This version adds secret portals and bonus levels into the game as well as a few bug fixes and tweaks.

+ Added : Golden Warp pick up collect it in the game to warp to a special bonus level
+ Added : Secret portal to the game Blue, Green, Red & Black
+ Added : Achievement #27 and #28
* Bug Fix : Fixed while in pause menu pressing second button selected false options
* Bug Fix : Fixed While in slow motion ball sometimes went through the paddle
* Bug Fix : Fixed graphics in the help section
* Tweak : Paddle movement has less inertia
* Tweak : Evil Paddle Boss is slightly easier to defeat
* Tweak : Level 15 Sector D has been made a little easier

Actively working on a new update after this which will have some great new life improvements and tweaks to the experience. Stay tuned.


Beautiful Bricks 1.03 77 MB
May 01, 2019

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