"Break all the bricks on the screen. Control your paddle using left and right. Hold up or down to hit the ball harder or softer. Collect all the power capsules and valuables. Break all the bricks on the screen to pass the level. Up to 4 players can play at once!"

Default keyboard controls:

Player 1: Arrow Keys +  number '1' to start game
Player 2: W, A, S, D + number '2' to start game
Player 3: I,J, K, L + number '3' to start game
Player 4: Numpad 8, Numpad 4,  Numpad 5, Numpad 6 + number '4' to start game

Controls can be changed within the options menu. Gamepad and mouse controls are also supported. 

This is the online version of Beautiful Bricks. If you like this game check out the downloadable full version with many more features. 

Beautiful Bricks
 is the ultimate 4 player brick breaker. A restoration of an arcade great with awesome improvements like physic-based ball behaviour, more paddle control, 4 simultaneous players and boss battles. All presented in a consistent retro ‘8-bit’ aesthetic. 

Full Version Features 

  • 1 - 4 simultaneous players
  • 230 levels and 15 challenging boss battles
  • Over 30 innovative power ups including Jet Pad (giving the paddle flight) and Wreck’n Ball (a giant ball that destroys anything in its path)
  • Play with keyboard, mouse or gamepad
  • Co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes
  • Special game modes: Endless, Boss Rush, Invader and Marathon
  • 8-bit style graphics and sound
  • Tracker .MOD style music
  • Locally savable high scores and achievements
  • Unlockable secrets and hidden content

The full version of Beautiful Bricks can be found at:  


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